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mobeePASS helps communities and operators improve access to mobility and everyday services.



An application adapted to the needs
of citizens and visitors of the region

Since early 2017, residents of Nice as well as visitors and tourists can download the mobile application NFC Nice Ticket, which is based on mobeePASS.
In only a few months, over 15,000 people downloaded and used the app.
This solution also meets the needs of both regular and casual travellers, and tourists – both French and foreign.


The Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis: still the pioneer
of mobile contactless ticketing with mobeePASS


The pioneering authority

Lignes d’Azur was the first AO to launch an NFC ticketing service “SIM Centric” in 2010.


Years’ experience in HCE

NFC Nice Ticket has been in commercial operation since early 2017. Sales continue to grow. An undeniable success.


Extended mobility

Lignes d’Azur innovates in the field of mobility by relying on the Nice Ticket NFC application.


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